Soltis Consulting, Inc.
Business, Computer, and Financial Consulting Services

Illinois Office
1484 Timber Trail  •  Wheaton  •  Illinois  •  60189
(630) 675-5505 – Phone

Washington Office
P.O. Box 149  •  Keyport  •  Washington  •  98345
(360) 359-7140 – Phone
(360) 368-6735 – Facsimile

  • We are full service business and computer consultants specializing in assisting the small business target market in developing streamlined business operations using systematic processes and automated system implementation – including business development and planning, organizational process development, software design and development, financial resource management and training.
  • My business, Soltis Consulting, Inc., offers business, strategic, and operations consulting and we have over 25 years experience in business management, strategic planning, business development, consultancy, and business analysis.
Services include:
  • (*) Business Operations, Development and Planning
  • (*) Organizational Process Development
  • (*) Software Design and Development
  • (*) Financial Resource Management and Training
  • (*) Contract Management.
  • We help with overseeing the day-to-day operations of our clients’ businesses as well as the integration of internal components of the business; we focus on the techniques and tools needed to develop new business.
  • Some programs are basic and simply touch on these topics. Others are more intensive and provide in-depth information about lead generation, prospecting, and closing sales; and we also assist our clients is creating and implementing automated accounting structures using software such as Quickbooks Pro, and maintaining this data.



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