Strategic Planning – Issue Based Planning (Part 6)

Strategic Planning – Issue Based Planning (Part 6)


This article is the 6th editorial of a series that I will compose in an effort to identify, explain, and/or answer concerns regarding Issue Based Planning

Of course, I would encourage all questions, insights, thoughts, and commentary as appropriate.


The purpose and goal of this editorial is to discuss and explain:

  • What is Issue Based Planning?
  • Suggested Process Implementation for Issue Based Planning
  • General Issue Based Planning Talking Points


What is Issue Based Planning?


Issue Based Planning begins with the present and works toward the future.

Planners identify major issues facing the organization right now, and a commonplace approach with this type of planning is to address the issues as questions. 

A couple examples might be:

  • How will we activate our Board of Directors?
  • How can we manage our finances much more effectively?

Then planners specify action plans about who is going to do what and by when in order to address each issue.  They might scan the external environment, but they focus especially on the internal environment of the organization in order to ensure the organization accomplish strong internal systems.  Issues-based planning usually produces a plan with a short time range, for example, one year.



Suggested Process Implementation for Issue Based Planning


  • Conducting an external and/or internal assessment;
  • Designing major strategies to address issues and goals;
  • Developing and/or updating the business vision, mission, and/or values;
  • Establishing action plans;
  • Recording assessment issues, goals, strategies, mission, vision, and action plans in a Strategic Planning document;
  • Developing an annual operating plan document;
  • Developing and authorizing an annual budget;
  • Conducting the annual operations and;
  • Monitoring, reviewing, evaluating, and updating the Strategic Plan document.


General Issue Based Planning Talking Points

If your business is relatively young, say 1-2 years old; has many current issues; and/or has very limited resources in terms of people and funding, then a business owner should strongly consider implementing Issue Based Planning for now. 

After that time, and after the implementation of the Issue Based Plan, the internal operating systems of the business will be much stronger and ready for doing more Future Based Planning.



7 Responses to Strategic Planning – Issue Based Planning (Part 6)

  1. Augusta says:

    well, kind of interesting post, thank you.

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    i really like your style of blogging. thank you for sharing with us.

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    very good. with your explanation, now we have a better understanding about it.

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    the blog was absolutely fantastic! lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!

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    i would like to read your newer posts, so i will bookmark you. hope to see your updates.

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    nice website.

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